May 27, 2022 • 36M

“Between the things we hope for and the things we're afraid of”, with Dr. Britt Wray

A conversation with Dr. Britt Wray on switching careers to work full-time on climate, holding on to uncertainty, and being one tiny drop in a tidal wave of change.

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Prof. Kimberly Nicholas
Actionable advice from a climate scientist on facing the climate crisis with facts, feelings, and action
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Hi friends,

Welcome to my first-ever podcast episode! We Can Fix It is going multi-media, baby!

I’ve been writing a (mostly) monthly newsletter of evidence-based climate advice at We Can Fix It since January 2021. This month’s newsletter features an interview with the wonderful Dr. Britt Wray, where we discuss switching careers to work on climate, holding on to both fear and hope in uncertainty, being one tiny drop in a tidal wave of change, and more.

I was only able to excerpt a fraction of our conversation to fit in the newsletter, and I was so inspired by Britt’s words that, with Britt’s permission, I wanted to share the full conversation with you here.

Our conversation is inspired by Britt’s new book, Generation Dread, which you should definitely buy and read immediately.

I hope you enjoy listening; please let me know what you think!