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Hi friends!

This extraordinary Friday post* is to let you, my lovely We Can Fixer, know that:

My new book, UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE, launches next Tuesday, March 23!

I’d love to discuss the book with you, & with my friends Dr. Lucy Kalanithi and Colty Tipton-Johnson who you’ll meet in the book, in a subscribers-only event on Sunday, May 2!

To join the conversation:

  1. Pre-order UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE (book, audiobook, and/or e-book) by March 23. (Here’s why pre-orders are so important to help authors!)
    You can find it at your favorite local bookstore, or online here:

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  2. Then, RSVP here to join our private chat on May 2!

Under the Sky We Make = We Can Fix It, in book form

My inspiration for this newsletter, and my approach for facing the climate crisis with facts, feelings, and action, comes from the last four years I’ve spent working on UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE.

So if you like this newsletter, I hope the book will resonate with you.

Climate besties

An essential wellspring of inspiration in my life and the book is my friends, whose stories are woven throughout.

In our conversation on May 2, I’ll get to introduce you to some of my favorite people, who you’ll meet in the book.

Lucy taught me a lot about purpose, grief, and community, including from facing the death of her husband and my friend Paul (Pubby) Kalanithi, who wrote When Breath Becomes Air. Lucy talks about their experience in her gorgeous TEDMED talk below.

I draw from some of the conversations I had with Pubby as he was dying in my chapters on facing climate grief and making meaning in a warming world.

After decades of friendship including more nights than I can count dancing until sunrise, Colty and I shared a series of climate counseling sessions that begin and end the book. We talked about how to go from feeling freaked out and overwhelmed, to building a framework for navigating the climate crisis in his daily life as a citizen, community member, and parent. Plus shared a lot of inappropriate jokes along the way.

I can’t wait for you to meet them on May 2nd!

What people are saying

A lot of people I admire are saying really nice things about UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE. Here are some of their words in pretty boxes! If you’re hungry for more praise about the book (hi Mom!), you can see more over at my website.

Listen for yourself

Check out a 5-minute listen to the audiobook, which I got to narrate!

(The audiobook was directed by the wonderful Lorelei King, who plays Julia Roberts’ publicist in Notting Hill, a film I finally saw for the first time thanks to We Can Fix It reader Klara’s insistence.)

And now, back to your regularly scheduled program

*Your monthly dose of evidence-based, actionable insights on the climate crisis is coming next week, on the last Thursday of the month, as always. Hope you don’t mind an extra update when I write a new book, which is currently happening at the rate of once per 43 years. :)