What is We Can Fix It?

It’s actionable, relatable, expert climate advice directly from me: climate scientist, professor and writer Kim Nicholas.

I’m on a mission to help stabilize the climate in time to avoid catastrophic climate change, while making life on Earth better for people and nature.

I could really use your help, which is why I started this newsletter.

Reading We Can Fix It will help you cut through overwhelm and focus your valuable time and energy on meaningful, high-impact climate action.

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This Substack is 100% made by me! Each issue takes me 10+ hours of work to plan, research, write, edit, fact-check, design, publish, and share. Some readers who are in a position choose to financially support this work, which helps me expand and improve. if you are in a position to financially support it, I would be honored if you click the button below to become a paid subscriber. If you’re not, no stress. Thank you!!

Each newsletter contains the three ingredients we need to fix the climate:


Answering your questions with news you can use, busting myths, and highlighting research you can apply in your daily life, including:


This isn’t what I was taught in grad school, but I’ve figured out that the way to go from feeling freaked out to empowered is by embracing All the Climate Feels about the planetary mess we’re in. It’s also how we can find our personal climate calling, support each other in community, and find joy along the way. Yay!


Evidence-based advice on what YOU can do that really makes a difference (and what you can stop worrying about), from your own daily life all the way up to how you can affect systems of culture, politics, money, and power.

This newsletter aims to inspire and empower you to help fix climate change, by doing things you enjoy, as part of the busy life you already lead. Join us!

New! We Can Fix It podcast is here!

Listen to the very first episode, an interview with Dr. Britt Wray, author of Generation Dread, about switching careers to work full-time on climate, holding on to uncertainty, and being one tiny drop in a tidal wave of change.

We Can Fix It
“Between the things we hope for and the things we're afraid of”, with Dr. Britt Wray
Listen now (36 min) | Hi friends, Welcome to my first-ever podcast episode! We Can Fix It is going multi-media, baby! I’ve been writing a (mostly) monthly newsletter of evidence-based climate advice at We Can Fix It since January 2021. This month’s newsletter features an interview with the wonderful Dr. Britt Wray…
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*Who am I?

For my day job, I’m an Associate Professor of Sustainability Science at Lund University in Sweden. I’ve published more than 60 peer-reviewed studies on climate and sustainability. I earned my PhD in Environment and Resources from Stanford University in 2009, studying how climate change affects wine around my hometown of Sonoma, California.

I’m also the author of UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE. This is your one-stop shop to majorly level up on all the climate facts, feelings, and actions. (It’ll take you 3 years of newsletter reading to equal the concentrated goodness of the book!!) Plus enjoy some stories about wine, complicated family legacies, and finding low-carbon love on Tinder. I’d be honored if you ordered it from your favorite local bookstore or wherever you get your books. Please get in touch if you’d like a virtual Author Q&A with your book club, or a book seminar for your favorite organization. Thank you!

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Evidence-based, relatable advice on facing the climate crisis with facts, feelings, and action from climate scientist Prof. Kim Nicholas


Climate & sustainability scientist, Lund University. Author of actionable, evidence-based climate advice: 📖 UNDER THE SKY WE MAKE & 💌 Substack: We Can Fix It.