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I nearly had a heart attack when I saw 87 months! It reminded me that I needed to send an email (I was within a few minutes of the deadline) to my local prefecture regarding their plans to widen a stretch of road, creating a sort of mini urban motorway. I used the 87 months figure in the message as well as some more concrete, local arguments from a couple of local campaigning organisations re: air pollution, urban sprawl etc

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I don't know if it was intentional, but I think there is a broken link. When I was hoping to drool over weirdly instagrammable emergency kits, but ended up on a site that told me what to do if I should be nuked. I am a physics teacher and during one part of the war (that is semi-close to me) I felt that I had to give my students a lecture on how to survive a nuke. So it was interesting to see if I missed anything.

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I would love to start a conversation about how we, the residents of the planet can:

1. Admit that governments are impotent agents in the face of climate change.

2. Average citizens can change their behavior (a hard sell) though the effects on climate are small compared to the required changes.

3. Understand that today, corporations have nearly all the power to affect change.

4. Create citizen-controlled corporations *designed* to address climate change.

We CAN fix it, but I think first we need to stop looking up the food chain to solve these global problems. It's evident *they* can't or won't enact the necessary changes.

I host a weekly Zoom call on the topic. I'd love to have you as a guest speaker, and anyone reading is invited.

Email HappyJoeDharma@gmail.com for the link.

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