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In the discussion on the Volts podcast which introduced me to your excellent work, you referenced some research/evidence you'd found a) about the best ways to un-car cities that are also the most politically feasible and b) about measures that work best in more rural areas and in North America. Could you bring some of them together in a future post? Having moved from London, UK to a car-dominated low density city struggling intermittently to change, I am desperate to find ways to get the message across!

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Appreciating hearing from you again. Your commitment to informing us. Keeping these concerns up front. Deepening my understanding about what needs to happen. I live in one of the biggest cities in Massachusetts, USA. Imagining how this plan could play out. Downtown. But also in the neighborhood I live in south of it. This information is so thoughtfully put together. Will pass it on to some leaders I know. What I might add, about how climate activists are relating is this. There needs to be a whole different level of connecting going on. I think having a covenant for how they speak to each other would help. An agreement. So there would be guidelines for communicating with each other that were simple yet clear. When you do this, how you treat others, is just as important as what you say to others. Sometimes this just happens over time. Like with my neighbor across the street, whom I have known for 30 years. I feel blessed that we honor a way of speaking to each other, without ever having to create a formal covenant. Kimberly, I think it's critically important what you bring up about infighting. And really, part of addressing Climate Change, is about changing the way we treat each other. How we show up for each other. So it is so relevant. Feelings are big. They matter.

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Thanks for the great newletter as usual! I already bought the book you introduced in your last newsletter about Zen something ...this new book you mention Return to Nature sounds interesting too.. too many books that are interesting ...!

I haven't been encountering the climate infighting so much recently (I am maybe spending less time on social media) but I know what you are talking about. (Like degrowth scholars being attacked by left/ecosocialists who you'd think are quite on similar pages...) I have been thinking about it as an obsession to prove that you are 'right'..

but very difficult to imagine how we could change the conversation in the direction that you mention, especially online. I feel like the more engaged you are, the more urgency you are feeling, and perhaps the more aggressive and desperate people get to prove that they are right?

But it would certainly interesting to think of designing a space for sharing vulnerability to create a more supportive community around that... but yes I agree that social media is maybe not really designed around that at the moment ... so it needs to be a different space perhaps!

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